Frequently Asked Questions

What does AT-HOME PD stand for?

AT-HOME PD stands for Assessing Tele-Health Outcomes in Multiyear Extensions of Parkinson Disease Trials.

How long will my participation in the study last?

Your participation in the study will last for 2 years, with three tele-visits, and quarterly smartphone and survey assessments.

How do I enroll in the study?

AT-HOME PD is recruiting people who have completed either the STEADY-PD III or SURE-PD3 clinical trials, or are about to do so. We will contact you through a future studies registry you can sign up for at the end of each trial.

How do I schedule a tele-visit?

We are using a streamlined online scheduling system to help make booking an appointment as easy as possible! Visit our booking website, choose your time, and log in with your username and password to confirm the appointment. If you forget your password, the system will let you reset it!

I'm having trouble downloading mPower (the smartphone app). What should I do?

There are a number of resources available if you run into problems with the app download. To speak with a technical adviser, please call 508-233-AHPD or email help@athomepd.org.

Will mPower affect how long my phone battery lasts?

Maybe. There might be a slight increase in battery usage as you opt in to share your movement patterns throughout the day, which may impact your phone’s battery life. If this becomes an issue, you may wish to carry a phone charger in your bag or car to minimize the impact this has on your daily activities.

I don't have a smartphone, but I do have a tablet. Can I use mPower on that?

The app must be used on a device that is kept with you during your normal daily activities. For this reason, we recommend that the app is only used on devices that can fit in your pocket, such as a smartphone.

I have privacy concerns. Where does my mPower data go?

No identifying information will be collected through the app (name, date of birth, etc). All information is coded so that only authorized individuals can access it, and it cannot be linked to your identity. Once coded, the information is transferred electronically and stored in a secure storage service.

Can I participate in this study if I didn't participate in either STEADY-PD III or SURE-PD3?

Unfortunately not; this study is looking at the feasibility of remote follow-up for clinical trial participants, specifically those in STEADY-PD III or SURE-PD3, so if you didn't participate in either study, you aren't eligible to participate in AT-HOME PD. But you can always sign up for our future study interest registry, which will allow us to contact you about study opportunities in which you might be interested. And if you’re interested in participating separately in Fox Insight, mPower 2, or both, you can do so independently of AT-HOME PD by enrolling directly in those studies.

I want to withdraw from the AT-HOME PD study. What should I do?

If you're a current participant and you want to withdraw from the study, you can either call us or send us an email so our study coordinator can fill out the early withdrawal form with you over the phone and document the reason for your withdrawal. We'll ask you to uninstall the app from your phone, which will stop the data collection, and, if you are willing, complete an early withdrawal tele-visit with an investigator.